Monday, August 13, 2012

A big fan

Chase is a big fan of Angry Birds. A big fan. He taught himself how to play the game. At first, Chase thought the birds were the bad guys, and he pulled for the pigs to win. But as he came to understand the backstory, he switched sides and fully supports the birds. He knows all the birds and their abilities.

About the backstory ... turns out that YouTube is loaded with videos about Angry Birds. Why are they angry? What is their favorite season? How many ways can the pigs hide? How did they get to outer space? Chase would rather watch these videos than tv. We can't count how many times we have seen the below video, so it was definitely time to get this documented in a blog post. 

So, we started with the game, moved to the backstory videos, and now he wants to make up his own stories. "Mom, tell me a story about the Angry Birds and how the pigs took their eggs, and the orange bird blew up like a balloon ..."  He knows the plot, so expect to be corrected if the story doesn't stick to the script.

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