Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny stuff

Chase has picked up the phrase "That is awesome!"

When Chase drops something or things doesn't go as he planned, he'll say "Oh, coconuts!", a phrase he heard on one of his favorite cartoons.

Chris played the guitar for Chase to sing and dance to, but after a while Chase said, "Daddy, stop. The music is bad."

Chase and I reenacted scenes from Wonder Pets cartoon, where all kinds of animals are rescued by a team of pets. Chase was a mouse, a cow, a dog, a panda, and many others -- he would call for rescue from inside the ball bin. When he became a crow, the ball bin became his cage. I patted the feathers on his head, his little beak nose, wings, claws. We ran this scenario at least 10 times! Much later when Chase was going to bed, he asked for me to pat his feathers and beak.

We've mentioned Chase loves hide and seek, but the extent of his obsession with it has been understated. Over and over and over we play this game. Often, it's no more than him hiding under a blanket or in a sleeping bag and us hamming it up as we wander around the room and ask where he is. It's even better when we enlist his stuffed animals to help us look for him. Sometimes he'll turn the tables and tell us where to hide, so he can seek. He hams it up, too, even though he knows where we are.

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