Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

To start the holiday, Chris cooked a beautiful and delicious Christmas Eve turkey.

General silliness at dinner. For some reason, Chase found a few words hilarious during the week: winter, singing iguanas, and again. We were all surprised at his giggling reaction when we unsuspectingly said those words. Then, Chase would say the word and ask everyone in the room to repeat it back: Mama, winter! Daddy, winter! Nana, winter! We thought it was as funny as he did.

Christmas morning. Chase definitely understands presents. In fact, the day after Christmas, he looked at the empty space under the tree and said, "Presents?".

Chase and Aunt Mer-mer disassembling Mama Kat's nativity scene. He loves animals.

Preparing to play in more than six inches of snow on the day after Christmas. Ma-Daddy (Chase's name for his granddaddy) has a hat like his.

Ma-Daddy is an expert snowman builder. The tall one is wearing a Mickey hat and has eyes of sidewalk chalk and arms of icicles. The little one is Chase-sized.

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