Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween weekend - part 2

Pumpkin carving and painting: Chase painted his pumpkin while Chris carved one. Surprisingly, Chase was not a fan of the pumpkin guts and did not want to get involved in that venture.

Trick-or-treating: After overcoming some early apprehension, Chase got the hang of this trick-or-treating thing -- well, maybe just the candy part. He wanted to go IN our neighbors' houses at first. He liked knocking on doors, but was unsure when many of our neighbors dressed in costumes and sat outside their front doors. The demon was particularly confusing to him -- he didn't act scared, just very discerning. He enjoyed pointing out all the pumpkins we saw, so his costume turned out to be the perfect thing for him. He got to enjoy a lollipop from his loot when we got home. On Monday evening after daycare, he saw a bowl of candy on the kitchen counter and flipped out because he wanted some. Yes, if there's anything we learned from the experience, it's that he likes candy.

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