Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're back!

(and we didn't lose our photos in the crash)

Doesn't Chase look like a different kid? He's changed a lot in the month and a half we've been out of the blog world. More words, more ideas of his own, more fun.

Since we last posted, Chase has had visits from grandparents, visits from friends from across the country, pool parties, afternoons in the park, road trips, holidays, and more.

Speaking of holidays, here he is on July 4, celebrating with a tree climb. His friend Chloƫ is there too, but my tech skills couldn't get the pictures of both of them to work.

Now that we're back online, we're taking another break for vacation. We'll return with pictures of Chase meeting his favorite mouse - this time, the East coast version. "M-I-C ... see ya real soon!"


Anonymous said...

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Doctor said...

Is this where I come to love Islam? Glad to have Chase back