Saturday, December 5, 2009

A few firsts today

Today is Chase's 9 month birthday, and to celebrate he decided to accomplish a few things.

Visiting with Santa - check. Chase had to dress appropriately for going outside in freezing temps and the first snowfall of the season. Doesn't he look happy about it? Pictures of Chase's first visit with Santa may come later, but for the record they had a quick conversation and no one cried.

Waving good-bye - check. Chase saved this one to share with perfect strangers. We were waiting in line to see Santa when a few little kids started waving and smiling at him. To our surprise, Chase waved back! A fluke we thought, but later in the evening Chase waved good night to Dad. Amazing!

Standing on his own (well, for a bit) - check. Chase actually started this a few days ago, but now we can get a count of a few seconds in before he loses his balance. Long enough to snap a photo for proof. He seems to know he's doing something new and gets excited about it.

Making us really happy parents - check! Chase, it has been a thrilling adventure with you. Time has gone by so fast already. You make us laugh every day. Even the hard stuff is worth it because one smile from you makes it all better! Love you, kid!

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Joy said...

go chase! and where are those adorable green pants from? my boys must have some!