Thursday, July 9, 2009

Four month check-up

The stats are in on our growing little boy!

Length: 27 inches - 97%tile. The nurse was so surprised, she had to check her measurements.
Weight: 15 pounds 11 ounces - 75%tile. Extra meals at daycare bumped Chase up in the rankings.

He successfully conquered his first cold, a spell of croup, and today's few vaccine shots thrown in for good measure! What a champ!

Chase even did his first roll from tummy to back today at the doctor's office! We'll get proof when he decides to make a habit of it.


Anonymous said...

I think he has been hanging out with Lily a bit too much, with all that drooling going on! :)
-Aunt Kat

The Saunders Family said...

Wow! He is getting so big! Taylor was only 28inches at her 9month appointment! What a cutie you have!
Can't wait to met him in person, someday!