Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sniff, sniff, cough, sneeze

There may be a lot of benefits to daycare ... Chase getting his first cold is not one of them. We're building immunities from week one! I just want the poor kid to blow his nose. : )

Monday, June 22, 2009

First day of school

Getting ready for Chase's first day at daycare ... this is how we both feel.

UPDATE: We made it through the day! Chase had a great first day at daycare and Mom had a great first day back at work. Chase had some tummy time with his new friend Owen, read a book called "Shake the Maracas", and played in the bouncer. Chase is a more eager eater at daycare because the daycare Mamas are a little more lenient with the portions and times than his own Mom. He is learning how to nap there, and this has thrown off his previously super nighttime schedule, but hey, we'll deal. We are happy he is happy! (Mom's jolt back to office reality was a little less exciting. I would have enjoyed storytime and a nap, but meetings and conference calls ruled the day!)

Baciare il bambino!

This weekend Chase met his great-grandparents Bevacqua (GG & GG, as they are known to him), who were so excited to kiss and hug him! We had fun hanging out with Auntie Michele and Uncle Ken and lots of other family during the Fathers Day weekend.

Of course, Mama and Papa forgot our camera on Fathers Day when we celebrated with the extended Bevacqua family, but we have some sweet memories of Chase reaching for Uncle Sonny's glasses and listening to Aunt Sally sing. He got enough kisses from cousin Donna to last until we see her again, which is hopefully soon! Chase enjoyed playing with cousin Benjamin, who tried to teach Chase to say 'dinosaur' -- maybe one day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Three months and counting!

Our sweet baby boy turns three months old today! We can't imagine ourselves without him now. Just looking at how much he has grown and changed, the time seems to have passed quickly. But we also think, "only three months??" Chase is such a good and happy baby. We feel lucky.

Chase marked his birthday with two firsts. He slept in his crib last night, and he slept for SEVEN hours. Bless him! Of course, I've jinxed him now, but a little celebration is okay.

I am already dreading the end of maternity leave in two weeks when my boy and I can't spend the day together. I will miss him so much!

Here are some photos to mark the day!

No wonder Chase stayed in his crib for so long ... he has lots of company.

I just love that grin and dimple!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend visitors

Last weekend, Chase's Nana Stephanie and Aunt Debbie came for a visit. They were glad to come during a sunshiney, warm weekend, rather than in the winter when they have visited us in the past. We celebrated the nice weather with outdoor activities: New York Botanical Gardens on Saturday and a polo match on Sunday. Here are the highlights! (Chase told me to tell Nana and Aunt Debbie that he misses you!)

The botanical gardens had an exhibit "The Glory of Dutch Bulbs", which turned out to be more interesting and beautiful than it sounds. Chase was so thrilled, he fell asleep. The rest of us liked it anyway.

We went to Greenwich on Sunday for the opening polo match of the season. A lot of friends joined us! Elizabeth's mom and aunt; Ken, Diana, and their crew; Kevin and Tanya; our usual companions the Bo family ... but we don't have any pictures of them ... or the polo match and horses, for that matter. Trust me, they were there. We do, however, have a picture of Chris' garden chic outfit which is worth sharing. He may stand out anywhere else, but here he fits right in.