Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chase Turns 1 Month - Party Time

We had lots of fun this weekend visiting with family and friends. On Thursday we had the GE crowd over for a "sip and see"...Chase's 1st wine and cheese party!

On Friday Aunt Kathryn and her beau Curtis came for a visit...we even managed to take Chase out to a restaurant and made it thru the whole meal.

On Saturday Uncle Carson came up for dinner and surprised Chase with a library of books to kick start his literary interests. Mom and Dad are scanning the selection to make sure Carson didn't slip any liberal propaganda in the pile.

We capped off a great weekend with a cook-out today and a visit from our friends Ken and Diana. Special thanks to them for outfitting us with all the J&J products we need! Ken was his usual energetic self as you can see from the pics below.

Shirt Says" "You ain't rolling a hard ten on a Sunday" true...

Bonus Ken Photos:


cris said...

such pretty pictures!

Doctor said...

Don't worry, DJ Disco Whiz is a libertarian.